Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Master Artist of JHC

Phulo Shah lives in Banauli village of Mahottari district of Nepal. She is 35 years old and has two sons and a daughter. Her husband is a farmer. She learnt painting from her mother who is a well known painter. She has been drawing various kinds of motifs since her childhood. She joined JHC at the beginning

When interviewed, she said,“… family members didn’t make objection on my decision as they knew that my mother was also doing this kind of job and JHC is the center only for women. But villagers made comment on working outside the village and riding the bicycle. I really didn’t care that time and now I am respected by everybody.”

Phulo Shah is one of the master artists of JHC. She is expert in drawing everyday life of Maithil people. She draws people working in the farm, selling and purchasing in market, doing household works etc. She also draws the marriage ritual paintings.